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Tracery.Net on NuGet

Tracery.Net, now on NuGet!

Twitter bot that posts obscure games

A twitter bot that posts (hopefully) obscure videogames.

It works by making requests to the GiantBomb API for random game IDs and rejects any that have reviews, staff or otherwise. Possible improvement can be made by checking Metacritic etc. for reviews.

Live here!

Getting it to run


pip install -r requirements.txt

should install all prerequisites.

Create ...


A Sublime text plugin to highlight Python breakpoints.

Highlights things like:

import pdb; pdb.set_trace()



but not

import pdb

...on it's own.


I made a C# (.NET, so presumably will work for VB.NET too?) port of Kate Compton's Tracery. Find it here.

Minimal example

var grammar = new TraceryNet.Grammar(new FileInfo("grammar.json"));
var output = grammar.Flatten("#origin#");

Where grammar.json is:

    "origin": "The #person# was feeling... #mood#",
    "person": ["girl", "dwarf", "cat", "dragon"],
    "mood" ...

A small helper library for scaling games in LÖVE.

How to use

-- Require it somewhere
lovebite = require("lovebite")

-- Call the setup function
lovebite:setMode(160, 144, 1, flags)

Where flags are exactly the same as those normally passed into love.window.setMode.

Then wrap your draw calls in lovebite.startDraw and lovebite.endDraw.

function love.draw()
    -- Call this at the ...